End of term evaluation - inclusion (apply before 18th Sep 2020)


Terms of reference for End term Evaluation

The Norwegian Mission Alliance in Vietnam (NMA-V) is seeking a highly qualified national consultant team to conduct End term evaluation of 5-year project “Social Inclusion of people with disabilities” in Can Tho City. The deadline for application is the Sep 18th 2020 and the final report required to be finalized by Oct 30th 2020

1. Background
NMA-V has been in partnership with Vietnamese local governments since 1996. NMA-V and the local partners have worked together to empower the poor and marginalized through inclusion and poverty reduction.
NMA-V started partnership with Viet Nam Federation on Disability (VFD) to improve social inclusion of people with disability (PWD) for the period 2016 - 2020. The project aims to support VFD to set up a network of Disabled People Organizations (DPO) throughout the country and building capacity of VFD to function as a lead organization on disability. With this approach, project can work on both the education field and other fields like empowerment for local Disabled People Organizations, health care and vocational trainings etc for the poor people with disabilities. It also involves and improves people with disabilities’ role in designing, implementing and assessing the process of social inclusion.

The project has focused on:
- Building capacity for VFD so that they can fulfil their roles and functions as a umbrella organization of and for PWD
- Changing the mindsets of local authorities, relevant stakeholders, local community and PWDs themselves about the rights, the needs and the abilities of PWDs
- Building organisational and individual capacity to strengthen Can Tho Association of Disabled People (CADP) to be leading organization in Can Tho and Mekong regions and be able to expand their supports for the development and establishment of potential clubs/ sub DPOs in Can Tho and Mekong regions.
- Supporting the areas of vocational training and income generation for PWDs
- Building capacity and awareness for schools’ teachers, community staff and families of children with disability (CWD) on inclusive education approach and the rights to education

2. Project information
Long term goal: Project will contribute to promote the social inclusion of people with disabilities in the society through forming a functioning DPO’s network in Mekong region.
Expected outcomes of the project:
- VFD is a competent and strong organization which effectively carries out its role and function as a lead organization of and for PWD.
- PWDs of Can Tho City actively participate in the DPO’s activities, access social services and have improved their stable income
- Teachers and educators are enhanced knowledge and skills on inclusive education for CWDs; and the inclusive and friendly school model is established at project site

Target groups:
The primary target groups are persons with disabilities, including children with disabilities and their family members/caregivers/ teachers. NMAV are non-discriminating of types or levels of disability.
Secondary target group are VFD and DPOs in Can Tho City, Mekong delta: capacity of these organizations will be strengthened to ensure these are the organizations of people with disability and work for the rights of all people with disability
Project location: VFD and pilot district- Ninh Kieu District included 6 pilot pre and primary schools in Can Tho

3. Purpose of evaluation
• Assess the relevance and significant impacts, outcomes and positive effects of the project against the 5 years planned objectives as well as analyse any unsuccessful consequences.
• Use Digni empowerment assessment tool to assess the degree of empowerment and level of changes (individual, institution or society level)
• Assess how the project have contributed to the achievements on empowerment, gender equality, disability inclusion and climate justice.
• Draw lessons-learnt and give recommendations for stakeholders to work more effectively in the future and for replication purpose.
• Assess if project resources were used efficiently and effectively.
• Assess the ability to mobilize resources and replicate to other communities and how to improve future interventions.
• Review the effectiveness of quality control and monitoring and evaluation system.
• Provide lessons learned and recommendations for stakeholders (both NMAV and partners) for the future interventions.
• Assess the availability, willingness and capability of local management, institutional, financial, technical resources needed to maintain social inclusion for PWDs and inclusive education after withdrawal of NMAV.
• Assess the attitudes and behaviour changes of local authorities and community in using inclusion /IE concepts as an educational approach.

4. Methodology
It is expected that the evaluation team will conduct a participatory evaluation that will involve project implementers and target beneficiaries. The consultant will apply a gender sensitive approach to all aspects of the tasks. It is also expected that the team members will work with NMA-V’s project team and project partners and beneficiaries to conduct the evaluation study to assess the outcomes and achievements of the activities against the project objectives.
The evaluation team is expected to make their own judgements about the balance between qualitative and quantitative data. Both qualitative and quantitative gender disaggregated data and information from both secondary and primary sources will be collected through assessment tools such as document reviews, existing surveys, group discussions and semi-structured interviews.
The consultant shall make sure that all the crosscutting issues of NMA-V (gender, environment) are included in this consultancy work, and that the analysis takes into account adheres to The Mission Alliance ‘s values and strategies.

5. Responsibilities of the consultant and the team
• Oversee the management of survey-related activities, including the contribution of each participant during the process of evaluation. As well, the consultant will be directly responsible for the overall quality and consistency of all reports and documents produced by the survey team
• Design the final evaluation framework to measure the project results against its objective. A detailed work plan should be discussed with and agreed by NMA-V prior to the evaluation. The work plan should contain suggested methodologies, timeframe, resources, task allocation between consultants and NMA-V and report structure
• Desk review of the progress reports, evaluation reports and tools. Design questionnaires
• Conduct field surveys at VFD, Ha noi and CADP, Can Tho as per the work plan and methodologies and tools agreed between the consultant team and NMAV’ staff in charge
• Present the key findings in the workshop to local partners after feedback from NMA-V
• Reporting: Evaluation report in English and Vietnamese should highlights the key findings, lessons learnt and recommendations, which is maximum 30 pages not included the annexes.
• Survey documents and filled questionnaires: The consultant is requested to submit survey documents and filled questionnaires to NMA-V

6. Expertise requirement
NMA-V would like to seek for qualified national consultants’ team to conduct this mission. The candidates should have:
• Experience of community development results-based innovative models to address the issue of social inclusion and inclusive education for most vulnerable groups.
• Professionalism – the team should have a combination of inclusive education expertise and professional evaluation competence
• Knowledge and experience in a right - based approach to development.
• Excellent spoken, report writing and presentation skills in the English language
• Gender balance – all teams should consist of both men and women.

7. Preparation and logistical support
NMA-V will contract the consultant team in accordance with NMA-V regulations and guidelines for contracting of consultants. NMA-V will arrange transportation and accommodation in province as required and all other fees to serve for collecting data in the field such as allowance for interviewees, refreshment for IDIs, FGDs v.v. NMA-V staff will take responsible for planning and providing logistical support and will accompany with the consultancy team in the field and meetings.

8. Implementation time: October 2020

9. Terms of payment
Payment will be made by bank transfer to bank account of Consultants: Terms of payment will be as follows:
▪ 30% value of the total budget will be paid on the date of contract signing.
▪ 70% will be paid after NMA-V approves the final reports in English and Vietnamese.

Candidates are suggested to submit a) updated CVs, b) technical proposals and tentative timeline c) financial plan excluding hotel, per diem, field transportation of this mission to Project officer, Ms. Vũ Minh Hà by email minhha@nmav.org

Deadline for submission: Sep 18th 2020

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