Midterm review (apply before 10th Nov 2020)




  • Location for MTR: Tien Giang, Tra Vinh and Hau Giang Provinces
  • Application deadline:  10th November 2020
  • Type of Contract: Short-term Service Agreement

The Norwegian Mission Alliance in Vietnam (NMAV) is an International NGO working among poor and marginalized groups of the population. The overall target is to build climate change resilience in local communities. A special attention is given to women, children, youth and people with disabilities. Gender is a cross-cutting issue. NMAV has a rights-based approach and our programs are based on mutual understanding and close cooperation with local authorities, partners and beneficiaries.

Today, NMAV works in partnership with Tra Vinh, Tien Giang and Hau Giang province to implement Climate Change Resilience program. This project aims to help vulnerable people in Mekong increasing their knowledge and having skills to cope with climate change from 2018-2022.


By 2022, the project will directly work with 162,480 vulnerable people in Mekong, so that they have the knowledge and skills to cope with climate change, strengthening climate change resilience for communities and indirectly reaching half a million people.

  • 10,000 targeted girls and boys and 240 educators have knowledge and take action on climate change, inclusion and gender.
  • 600 local authorities, 200 women union staff and 30,000 other women’s have basic knowledge about the effects of climate change and strategies for adaptation.
  • 4,000 households (including 3,000 village saving and loaning association members “VSLA”) are more resilient to climate change because of stable income.


The Norwegian Mission Alliance (NMAV) is currently looking for consultant(s) to do a Mid Term Review of the Climate Change Resilience program (2018 – 2022). The MTR will refer to NMAV and Mission Alliance strategies, NMAV Results Framework and the Empowerment assessment tool (EAT tool) to review project interventions, evaluate results and make recommendations for the remaining project period. The MTR involves document reviews, visits selected project intervention sites and interviews with key stakeholders and program staff. EAT-tool is a mandatory evaluation tool in Mission Alliance. Read more about the EAT-tool here.

       MTR’s objectives:

  • The Mid Term review will evaluate the overall performance of the Climate Change Resilience program to date
  • The MTR will document changes and empowerment resulting from project interventions, both individual and structural, focusing on outcome and impact level.
  • The MTR will come up with specific, actionable recommendations for the remaining project time so the project can reach its targets and be sustainable by the end of the project

      MTR’ specific purposes:

  • Evaluate the relevance of the project`s overall aims and objectives, outcomes.
  • Document results based on the logframe and output and outcome level indicators, including both intended and unintended results.
  • Assess to what extent individuals and groups have been empowered, experienced change and taking action, using various tools including EAT.
  • Assess any climate or environment related unintended negative effects of the program. Evaluate any external factors negatively impacting on project results.
  • Assess the sustainability of the project’s interventions, approaches, structures and other key importance points for the remaining project timeframe.
  • Review NMAVs ability to maximize its resources and learning across the program and program sites


  1. Deliverables

The consultant shall submit (1) an inception report outlining methodology and research questions to be presented and discussed at NMAV headoffice in Ho Chi Minh city (2) produce an MTR report with findings, analysis, observations (with photos) and actionable recommendations. This report shall be in English, with a Vietnamese translation, and be no longer than 30 pages. (3) run a stakeholder workshop presenting and validating key findings from the MTR.

The methodology and sample size of assessment will be designed by consultant in agreement between NMAV. The methodology will be participatory and consist of both qualitative and quantitative research. NMAV will read and comment on the draft report before finalization. The consultant will present the evaluation findings to project partners and NMAV.

  1. Timeframe

This consultancy has a limited time frame and the deadline for submitting the final report is January 31st 2021. Field visits will be late Dec/early Jan 2021. NMAV and local partners will assist in preparing logistics for the field interviews.

  1. Consultant qualifications 
  • Knowledge and at least 5 years working experience on evaluations and MTR related to community development project
  • Capable of collaborating with partners, working independently and delivering tasks on time.
  • Documentable experience working with participatory approaches and empowerment assessments. Experienced with both qualitative and quantitative research.
  • Experience on climate change resilience programs for local communities is necessary. Thematic competence on gender, social inclusion and empowerment is preferable.
  • Familiar with the local context in the Mekong Delta.
  • Good English and Vietnamese-skills, both spoken and written.
  1. Preparation and logistical support

NMAV will contract the consultant in accordance with NMAV regulations and guidelines. NMAV will arrange transportation and accommodation in the province as required.  NMAV staff will accompany the consultancy team in the field and meetings if necessary. The consultants need to take every precaution to avoid Covid infection 14 days prior to and during the consultancy.

  1. Terms of payment 

Payment will be made by bank transfer to bank account of Consultants: 20% value of the total budget will be paid on the date of the signing the contract. 80% will be paid after NMA-V approves the final product in English and Vietnamese

  1. How to apply 

Candidates need to submit a) updated CV b) brief technical proposal including methodology and tentative timeline (max 5 pages) c) financial plan excluding hotel, per diem and field transportation. Deadline for submitting proposal is 10th Nov. Please send by email to tunguyen@nmav.org.  For questions call Nguyen Thi Mai Huong, mob 0977 049 979.  

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