Vu Minh Ha (Project leader business training and inclusion)

Everybody needs to work for their living. People do not just need living, they need to colour their life. I am lucky to have a work which is not just for living but also for nurturing my spirit. Being a part of NMAV organization since 2014, I found myself improved and joyful by contributing to the community development. I take responsibility as a project officer for women entrepreneurship program in which women are equipped knowledge and skills to start their own business or expand their current business for a well-being condition. Also, I am in charge of social inclusion for people with disability (PWD) project that builds the strong network of disabled people organizations (DPOs) within Mekong Delta and enables PWDs to fully participate in social activities and to generate sustainable income. Cooperating with different partners and giving opportunities for marginalized people makes my work meaningful everyday.   

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