Inclusion of people with disabilities

“Nothing about us – without us” – People With Disabilities take action”



Current project period 2016-2020 (Can Tho) and 2020-2022 (Hau Giang) 

Main partners

  • Vietnam Federation of People with Disability
  • Can Tho Disability People Association
  • Can Tho Department of Training and Education.
  • Hau Giang Department of Training and Education.
Main outcomes
  1. VFD is a competent and strong organization which effectively carries out its role and function as a lead organization of and for PWD in the fulfilment of their rights
  2. Children with disabilities in Hau Giang are involved in early intervention and inclusive education in mainstream schools
  3. People with disabilities of Can Tho city are actively participating in the disabled people organization’s activities, access social services and have improved income
How to measure impact?
  • VFD leadership improved knowledge and practice on association governance
  • Number of people with disabilities have participated in local and district DPOs.
  • Number of people with disabilities are confident to participate in their local community’s activities 
  • Number of PWDs who get  jobs and improve their income 

Statistics based on the World Health Organization’s (WHO) framework showed that 15.3 % of Vietnam's population has some kind of disability. People with disabilities have limited access to education, health and other public services, especially those living in rural areas. Adult literacy amongst people with disability is 76%, much lower than for those without disability (95%)

Challenges that people with disabilities meet: 

  • Education: Some parents don’t think that children with disabilities have ability to study. Discrimination in schools also discourages many families from allowing their children to attend schools together with non-disabled children. 
  • Health and public services: Very limited wheelchair assistance, no cover for prosthetics and supportive devices. Lack of rehabilitation services. Most public infrastructure facilities do not provide access for persons with disabilities.
  • Community attitude: People with disabilities face discrimination in their family environment, schools, communities and workplaces.
  • Implementation of laws and regulations: Government delivers several laws on the rights of persons with disabilities for education However, actual implementation of laws and reduction of social barriers has been slow.
  • Job and income: Disabled persons are three times more likely to be unemployed than persons without disabilities (4.3 per cent compared with 14 per cent).
  •  Social empowerment: Few existing Disabled People’s Organizations (DPOs). Awareness among local leadership is not strong enough to support establishment of DPO.

What do Mission Alliance do? 

  • Support clubs and organisations with people with disabiliteis to establish DPOs
  • Support education sector to include children with disabilities in school. 

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External evaluation of the inclusion program: People with disability empowered and local authorities have changed their behaviour
External evaluation of the inclusion program: People with disability empowered and local authorities have changed their behaviour
Background: The evaluation aims to assess impact of the NMAV funded project for Social Inclusion in Can Tho from 2016-2020 and Inclusive Education (IE) for persons with disabilities and children with disabilities in Can Tho and in Hau Giang from 2018-2020. Key partners have been Can Tho Association for Persons with Disabilities (CAPD), Can...
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How is Covid-19 affecting Mission Alliance activities in Vietnam?
How is Covid-19 affecting Mission Alliance activities in Vietnam?
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All children should be included
All children should be included
I was really obsessed by the hopeless eyes of mother of two boys with disabilities in the poor family during the survey trip with NMAV team. Families with children with disability are more likely to be trapped in poverty due to ranges of challenges, including negative attitude, problems with mobility, income possibility andhealth care. I asked...
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Many clubs are interested in the small grants fund
Many clubs are interested in the small grants fund
NMA-V and Can Tho DPO had two-days meeting review of small grants on June 5th - 6th, 2019. This year DP Can Tho has received 22 proposals submitted by Clubs of people with disabilities and special schools for children with disabilities in 8 provinces of Mekong Delta. This small grant activity is a part of disability inclusion project in...
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