Microfinance and job creation

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Microfinance and job creation

The microfinance operations of MOM in Vietnam were initiated by the Women’s Union (WU) of Tien Giang province in cooperation with the Norwegian Mission Alliance in 2002. MOM is now operating in all districts in Tien Giang. In the current project we have established a 40 hour course for women that wants to develop their business even further. 

Current project period 2018-2022

Main partners

  • Tien Giang Women Union
  • Mekong Organisation of Microfinance (MOM)
Main outcomes
  • By 2022, 58,000 households are more resilient to climate change because of stable income
  • By 2022, increased income has had a positive impact on the welfare of both men and women in 27,000 households
How to measure impact?
  • Number of trained young women’s climate smart business have profit after 6-12 months.
  • Number of households with stable incomes after 1 year
  • Number of loan takers making climate smart investments
  • Number of people with increased welfare (PPI score)
  • Number of trained men involving women in decision making


The vision of MOM is to improve the life conditions of poor and marginalised people, especially poor women in the Mekong Delta area, by mobilizing loans and other financial services to help them to break out of the poverty cycle and improve the living situation for themselves and their families.

MOM focuses it’s operations on the poor people of the Mekong Delta, especially poor women, by mobilizing loans and other financial services to help them break out of the poverty cycle. MOM operates 6 branches across the Mekong region . Since inception the institution has made good progress and the company has applied to the State Bank of Vietnam to become a licensed microfinance organization. As a part of the application procedure MOM was given the status of Social Fund which has given MOM greater operational flexibility in the transition period from being an unregulated microfinance project to become a regulated financial institution.

Microfinance and job creation

The MOM business model is unique and is characterized by a close cooperation between MOM and Women Union. In addition to forty MOM credit officers, more than a thousand Women Union officers are involved in MOM`s operations. This brings MOM clients and makes the work of MOM credit officers different from the role of credit officers in comparable MFIs. In relation to some of the key MFO functions like client identification, gathering clients and organizing the group meetings, project follow-up and collection of interest and repayments, MOM officers can enjoy strong and consistent support from WU officers. 

Job Creation 

Trainings have always been essential for our microfinance work. But in addition to shorter trainings there has been a need for a more indepth training in Business management skills. Based on a curriculum developed by IECD (a French INGO) Mission Alliance and Women Union in Tien giang have started a new course targeting women who has the potential to expand their business.  

There are two courses, one called Business Management Training (for women already doing business) and Start Your Own Business (for women who want to start a new business). During the project period around 2000 women will we trained in one of these two courses. If you are interested in joining these courses please contact Women Union in Tien Giang.

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