Why this webpage for Mission Alliance in Vietnam?

We have created a new web page for Mission Alliance in Vietnam. Why? 

Its all about communication and sharing of resources. 

Our role as a development organization is to nurture and support local solutions. That is still our main approach. However, to address Climate Change resilience, local knowledge is not always enough, and we need to identify existing experience and research. In most cases experts are already in Vietnam, in universities, local companies or working in development organizations. NMAV want to facilitate the contact between available knowledge and expertise, and people and communities in need of this competence. 

We also want people that have attended trainings to find useful material online: When our partners train women in doing business, teachers in inclusive education or farmers on climate change, we want our webpage to be a place where they can find more tools and materials. Most of the documents will be in Vietnamese (the Vietnamese version of the webpage will be launched soon). The materials can of course also be used by partners and other NGOs (only limited if there are copyright issues).  

When a farmer is changing her livelihood because of climate change, it is important to build on available expertise to reduce risks. When teachers are trying to include children with disabilities at school they can learn about that through existing good practices. When local women need access to money and training to create a sustainable income – there are ways to do this that are tested and are working well.  

Our goal with this new website is to share some of our tools and experiences with other NGOs, partners,communities and supporters. We hope that you will find  this useful and that you get inspiration to share your resources and experiences, with us or in your local community.  

A big thanks to our supporters. Positive change happens when we all work together.

By Jon Ragne Bolstad, Country Director 

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