All children should be included

I was really obsessed by the hopeless eyes of mother of two boys with disabilities in the poor family during the survey trip with NMAV team. 

Families with children with disability are more likely to be trapped in poverty due to ranges of challenges, including negative attitude, problems with mobility, income possibility and health care. I asked my self: How can I help these children and their families?

There are still disagreements among parents, educators and community members regards to inclusive education. Personal perspectives will influence how you look upon the vision that all child have abilities, a need to be together, a need to participate in the community and a desire to develop to the fullest of their potential.

 Being a staff for NMA in Viet Nam from 2008, I have chances to make my dream for children come true as NMAV and myself believe that mainstream schools have responsibility for all children’s diversity. We know that inclusive education reduce systematic discrimination and the isolation that results from segregated activities and development. Inclusive education do not only help children to have more self-esteem and self-confident to get out of circle of poverty, but it also make it possibility for children with disability to stay in the local community where they belong with their family. 

All children should be included

I am gradually seeing the bright future of children with disability through years working in the field. No doubt much can be done to make schools, and teachers aware of possibilities that are available for children with disability. However, this is a long, hard trip in the inclusive education journey and we need the contributions from everybody if we want to create a inclusive society.

I will continue to work for a society that includes all children. Do you want to join me? Ask your local school what they do. 

By Luu Ho Thanh Truc, Senior Program Officer Inclusion

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