Scaling-up goat breeding model in Hau Giang


At the end of 2020, the project “Inclusive education for children with disabilities and climate change resilience in Hau Giang province” supported for 32 poor/nearly households in Vi Tan commune, Hau Giang province on goat rearing, after 10 household’s representative visited and selected goat breeds at the farm. Each household received 3 goats, it equivalent to VND 15,000,000 for the beginning and on the understanding that they will the repay 30 percentage of the support fund, about VND 5,000,000 within 2 years, this budget will be managed by commune project management board, adding more fund to support for other poor people.

 Also, project provided training for households on building shed, disease prevention, care, and management practice during pregnancy to improve the knowledge and understanding of farmers about goat farming. The partner also works with veterinary consultant to support the goats with difficult birth and help the farmers keep their goats in good health. After 7 months, there are 16 among 32 households who has had 26 baby goats and they will continue raising them to adult goats. The goat rearing is considered as climate smart livelihood model by local people by its high vitality in current climate change condition. This model has been recognized and suggested expanding to other place, please read more information on the link: Tín hiệu vui từ nuôi dê sinh sản (

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