Nguyen Thi Trinh (Cook / helper)

Dear all!!!

Hello everybody. I come from Quang Ngai province middle of Viet Nam. It is a beautiful place with have natural Island call “Ly Son”. I am 37 years old, married and have 1 daughter.

I have been working for NMA here in Viet Nam 17 years with different peoples from Norway come here to work at social work. I love theirs hard work to bring better life for Vietnamese peoples. I started work from October 2002 to June 2008 as a house helper, cook and Nanny. After that I move to work at office as cook and clean. My job is to every day assure giving hygiene nutrition and safety food for staffs and facilitate for good working environment. Also provide office supplies purchased sufficiently in time and available for office using. Beside that I also support administrative tasks, purchasing, fax in and out, prepare stationery and facilitating for meetings in the office. I love my job and I love cooking. I don’t know I cook good or not but people here they like to have lunch together. We are like family with different people come from different place in Viet Nam. We have good atmosphere when we work and have lunch. I am confidential to say that lunch time is the times for us to sharing and laugh.

Our NMAV had a good environment working, friendly, equal and democracy.

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