Tuan Anh
Truong Tuan Anh (Project leader - Climate change / Education)

I’ve worked for NMA-V from Mar of 2020, my main responsibility is Education component in Tien Giang and Tra Vinh; communication component in Go Cong Dong – Tien Giang; support Woman union-training component as well as financial follow up in Tra Vinh.

My career objective is to help community have better abilities in coping with disaster or climate risks and to promote the participation of local people in the planning and decision-making process. Working with NMA help me to work closely with grass-root level. Together we can reach 485,000 vulnerable people including children, people with disabilities, women and minorities in the project: Climate change resilience in Mekong 2018-2020.

I hold Bachelor of Agronomy from Hanoi Agricultural University. I also have experience in different environments including Government agency, Consultant/Researcher and NGOs. Every day, I enjoy learning new things from my colleagues, partners and people we serve.

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